Why should SolidPtOn have to be a separate command?


What about:


PointsOn() {

    if selection is Polysrf






- Björn

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Hi Björn

We had internal discussion about this one and it is a very logical question, but there are 2 issues:


- SolidPtOn works with surfaces (single face polysurface) where it turns the vertex points of that surface.  What if the user would like to use SolidPtOn editing on such objects.


- Objects from extrusion - in V5 we have the light weight extrusion object that turns on different set of points with PointsOn command than SolidPtOn.  What should we do in this case?


Any thoughts?

Hi Rajaa,


Ah, you're right. Actually, I haven't been using v5 long enough to notice those two possibilities. But after playing with them now for a while, I see what you mean.


My first thought is perhaps it would make sense to try and differ between the Vertices and the Points. Visually, I mean. Then they could both be turned on with the same command.


Thinking out loud, the things turned on for example extrusions could be larger and differ in colour or shape. And perhaps one could make some order with the names, and divide them by that aswell.

Points, vertices, grips.








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