should we expect next Service Release Candidate soon? 

The 2013-01-29 build (5.1.30129.1756) is not a lucky one.

Apart from issue discussed here I have noticed display flaws that occur from time to time (probably after a longer time from start):

- selected objects turn yellow in active viewport only after a little zoom or pan,

- zooming "on the fly" (during a cammand) freezes

On the same machine (Xeon E3-1280, 8GB, Nvidia Quadro 2000) there were no problems in SR0

Thank you

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Hi Jacek- we are looking into the display problems you describe - several people have complained about this, but I can tell you as of right now, as far as I know, we only have an idea what to fix and have not fixed anything yet. The SR2 candidate should be in the next week or two I would guess, but it is possible  this display problem could delay things if it turns out to be hard to fix.




Thank you for information



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