stupid question - passing data between classes (e.g. Command and DisplayConduit)

questions like these are probably asked everyday 100 times in forums, but despite 4 hours of search - and finding anything from delegates to unsafe code, i just cant figure it out.


i cleaned it down to the basic setup - maybe i got everything wrong - i dont see how i can access the object of my command class from outside its class, especially data that is 'created' / 'user input' in the Runcommand Method?

inside the cs there are 3. questions as comments - if you could answer them, or if it takes to long, could you point me in the right directions?

thanks a lot!

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i looked again over my old VB code (rhino4) and there i managed it by creating (instancing / overriding?) my own MesoConduit inside the RunCommand Function, so i could pass data easily - with c# this whole access thing got more complicated i figure.. is this the right way to go?

ok - bit by bit i start to remember how this works..

in rhino4 i got the "context" into my custom classes through RMA.Rhino.IRhinoCommandContext - now in v5 i see only 'RhinoDoc' - can i do it with this the same way?

3rd update: i created a "MyConduit" object in the command method, which gives me the ability to pass data through my own methods to the displayConduit. But as the PostDraw etc. methods are protected, i cant make any "draws" from within the command method. i always have to create the apropriate class inside the conduit and pass the data to it.. what would be the way to directly access the conduit draw methods from within the command?

See if this example gives you any ideas.

 -- Dale



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