Technical displaymode, line color wrong with block instances



When using technical displaymode, my block instances do not have black line color. All other objects do. I have everything set to use by layer color, and all my layers are black. Even when I set block instances and the polysurfaces in their definition to explicitly use black - they still turn up as white or maroon red.


- Björn

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Hi Bjorn- is your Technical mode, in Options > Appearance >Advanced settings set to the defaults? There will be blue in the settings if they have been changed from the defaults.


Hi Pascal.


They were not, I had changed a few things. However, restoring the defaults doesn't change the color of my block instances. They are white, where other things are black. Inside the block using BlockEdit, I can see that the objects are black (second image)


Hi Bjorn- Are the blocks from an external file originally? If so can you send me ( one of these?


Yes infact, they are. I just sent you the file.



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