I have a question concerning text editting.

When I double clic on a text, opens a little window. I enter something, check the enter box and close the window. When I do this for the next time the enter function is swiched off.

Does anybody know if it´s possible to keep the enter box steadily checked.


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Where are you seeing an "enter box"?  Double clicking on a text opens a small editing window, one can change the text in there, when you click again in the drawing window, the box closes and the changes are saved.  I don't see what you are calling an "enter box", there is a "word wrap" box though...  is that is?  It stays checked if the text you're editing is already word-wrapped.  Otherwise, the editing window is always bigger than the text you're editing.


I´m talking about v5. If you edit the text and use Enter the cursor goes to the next line.

If you check "Umbruch" you can close the Window by hitting Enter at the end of your text work.

This is efficient and since entries in my case are allmost entirely single lines it would be benificial if I could stay in a text workflow.

In the meantime I found out the window can be closed using the Tab key also.




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