I open dxf files from Photomodeler into Rhino 5.  Besides the geometry that Photomodeler generates, point id's are also created, then I write that data out as a dxf.  Anyway, the text is generally too large when I open the dxf in Rhino.  In Rhino 4.x, I would select all the text and in properties, I change the size to fit my needs and go about my business.  However in Rhino 5, when I select the all the text and then in Properties, change the scaling (size), Rhino just becomes completely unresponsive.  I have to force a shutdown and then start again.

Here is a dxf with the text.


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Seems to be working OK here, if I select all the text and then set a new value in the properties box, the change happens pretty much instantaneously...


did you try to do anything else like go to the layers panel?

I played around with various things and could not get it to do anything unusual here...  Don't know how to go further with this - is your Rhino install pretty standard?  Any non-native plug-ins installed?  Are you experiencing any other types of "glitches" like video/display problems?


I think the latest update that came yesterday did the trick.  Prior to that what I described earlier happened.  So now it is working.  Thanks for your help anyway!

I take that back.  Ok this is how I got it to fail and got it to succeed. To succeed I do this:

I select any text. I go to the properties panel and select the big A sub-panel.  I my case I change the height from 3.x to 1.25. I select anywhere in the panel where the text is displayed. I then go to the materials sub-panel, I do nothing. I then go to the objects sub-panel. From that point on I can go to the Layers panel or continue on with whatever I need to do.  Also, I if I just go to the material sub-panel after making the height change, Rhino does fine!

To get it to fail:

I select any text. Go to properties, sub-panel Text. Change the height. Go directly to the Layers panel. Rhino becomes unresponsive. It fails this way too: select the text, go to the text properties, change the height, click in the panel where the text is displayed. Go to Layers and POOF again!

To answer your questions about glitches and such.  No, it's just a standard install. There are no plug-ins.  No graphic issues that I know of.  Graphic card is an NVIDIA Quadro 600.  The computer is a Dell Precision T1650, Windows 7 64 bit, 16 GB of ram. less than 6 months old.



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