I will post here the same post that I've put in my wall at Facebook searching for some answers. 

"Ok, Rhino5 rules!!! And here, at Monzón8 we are happy to have the new release ready to start teaching; but: where is the user manual or training guides, etc?...:( Rhino 4 came with training guides, Level 1 and 2 Training manual...Is there any intention to make that teaching resources available via web? I suppose that perhaps the efforts have been concentrate this last year in release Rhino 5, but, I think that be able to adapt people to the new software is essential to insert the new release in the users community.

The strategy of give us acces to the beta releases has been great to train ourselves, but not initiated people perhaps require more and better documentation than a help file.

Because I hadn't any advice about what will happen with training documentation in the future, I'm asking you. Have you received any documentation, letter, or something explaining what will Mcneel do in the future?

Best Regards."

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