I have been having some difficulty consistently trimming objects. Sometimes Trim works exactly as I expect, and other times it refuses to cut away the surface I select. In all cases there appear to be valid intersections between the cutting object and the object that I want to trim. Sometimes using the Intersect command, then using one of the resulting intersecting lines as a cutting object will work, and sometimes not.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there a reasonable alternative? I haven't yet found how to get consistent behavior from Wirecut either.

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I have found one condition that causes this problem. If the cutting object does not cut through the entire object (e.g., there's a tiny tail that isn't cut), the Trim command just fails without telling you that that's what's happening. A better error message would be nice.

The best thing in these cases is to post the relevant geometry that is causing problems here, if its a bug, it will get logged as such and thus can be fixed; and perhaps someone will have explanations or workarounds...


I am still having this kind of problem. I now have a pair of surfaces, where surface 1 can be used as a cutting object to Trim surface 2, but the converse fails. Alas, I cannot post the file. Any ideas?

Either they don't intersect, in which case you should find where that's happening and use Extendcrvonsrf to extend the edge of surface 2 along surface 1, then trim with that curve; or sometimes it's just a bit wonky because if you think about what it's trying to do, intersect a surface with another surface that's been trimmed to match it which will always have some tolerance to it, it can be a bit tricky, using Dupedge to get the edge curves you want to trim with and using those instead of the surfaces will usually work.

The surfaces definitely intersect, unless Intersect is buggy. I tried using Dupedge, but it didn't help. I also tried using Split. I can Split surface 2 using surface 1 as a cutting object, but I cannot do the converse. It seems that I have no good way to get rid of a portion of a surface I don't want.

Upon further hair-pulling, I have found a solution using your pieces. If I Intersect the surfaces, then Extendcrvonsrf the intersection curve well beyond the edges of both surfaces, *then* I can use that curve to Trim both surfaces, then delete the curve.

This area needs improvement.

Again, without an example to test, it is impossible to determine and fix the bug.  If you cannot post it publicly, send it directly to tech@mcneel.com with instructions on how to reproduce the problem.


Having a long background in system software engineering, I appreciate the difficulty of diagnosing a problem without having complete information about how to reproduce it. There is no need to reiterate the point.



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