trim polysurface: sometimes works, sometimes not..

I wanted to trim different imported polysurfaces, something strange happened...

Sometimes I could trim it, sometimes not. But when I was exploding the polysurface, I could trim and re-join it as a polysurface.

Any Idea why this happens like that? I am confused,


thanks Tom

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Was it a block instance before you exploded it?

Hi Dan,

yes, it was a block, I exploded it into few polysurfaces and could trim only few of them (or, and that is also strange, when I trimmed one it disappeared completely, like trimmed from both side but the curve were crossing it clearly )

Hi Tom, please post, or send me, the object and the trimming objects for a look- thanks.


Hi Pascal,

I send you a smaller file with only where the pb is, you can see in the front view the curve I use for trimming.

btw, is there a function in Rhino like in Adobe Illustrator to make a curve from a polyline where you can change the points from being corner to be curved (I dont know how to say it otherwise :-)?

in Rhino I make a polyline and then I make chamfers where I need them, and I can let straight parts also.


Hi Tom- the curve trims everything that is not a block instance here. Hot sure where the problem lies...




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