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I have been working on a project and have been stuck in the same issue for a while now. I have created this shape and every time I try to offset the surface to solid it deforms at the top creating a spiral (diamons shape) and also deforms all the way down. I have been trying diferents ways to fix this or a way to create the thicknes of my object but I am simply out of ideas and don't really know how to keep going. I have just started using rhinoceros so I might be missing some tools that could helo me out. I really hope someone can help me figure this out. Here is the image of what happens when I offset.

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When asking for help, it's helpful to post a file with your question.  Use File>Save Small to it's smaller and you can even zip it up.

It looks like when you offset your surfaces, the distance they offset causes them to intersect themselves.  Imaging I were to offset something like this:


When I offset them toward each other they turn into this:


Quick and dirty fix is to draw a sphere at the center point of where they intersect themselves and use it to cut off the intersecting surfaces.  Then use Patch to fill the hole.

Hey, thanks for your help, I have tried what you said but it still doesn't wotk out. The inside of my shape when I offset end up like this. And I have simply no idea what to do.

Post the file.

Hey, sorry here it is the problem area. The thiknes that i require is either 1 cm or 0.5 cm



You're surface comes to a point and there is just no way to make an offset with it.  You can make a copy of it and scale it down.  I copied it from the bottom edge midpoint out .2mm.  Then I used Scale from the midpoint of the bottom edge and typed .9 for the scaling factor.

You can take more control by scaling the x, y, and z indepently with ScaleNU.

Thank you very much for helping me, I will defenetly give it a try. 



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