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so basically I have made a building on 3ds max, and i used different layers for different components, ie. walls, floors etc. When i brought it into rhino, the building basically consisted of so many different meshes. i installed the rhino plugin, so that i could slice the building in 3mm countours all the way through the building. And although the slicing was progressing, in the final when the slices are laid out slice by slice, i notice that its been slicing from mesh to mesh, and not full section (from one end of the building to another). 

I was told its because i had too many meshes, and need to make the building one mesh. so i did that. and the building became one open mesh when i select it. However, the same problem occurs when i 3d slice the building on rhinonest (it slices from mesh to mesh)....does anyone know how to fix this problem??...do i need to turn my building into a solid?? how can i make rhinonest see that the building is one object?..i tried everything. 

I have tried: exploding>joining, meshsmooth> convtosolid, group, _block, etc etc.

i really dont know what to do anymore. please someone help, as i have a deadline. 

i attached the rhino file on here...so please take a look if you want!

thank you!


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I imagine you're trying to eliminate all the interior lines caused by the slicing and just be left with an outer border per level?  CurveBoolean could be your friend here, although the procedure will be a bit manual.

First, when you make your slices with the Contour command, make sure all the curves are grouped by level (joining will not be necessary in this case, but grouping is) - on the command line make sure the appropriate option is set : GroupObjectsByContourPlane=Yes

Once your slices are done, select the lowest, call the command CurveBoolean, set your command line options to DeleteInput=All and CombineRegions=Yes, and then click on the screen somewhere outside the whole model.  You should see just the outer borders light up. Right click to accept, selet the next level, rhight click again to recall the CurveBoolean command, click once outside the model and right click again to accept.  So you can go through the whole stack rather quickly with just a series of left/right clicks...

Now, as your building is hollow, you are still going to get separate regions on most levels representing just the wall thickness, and there will be openings for windows, doors, etc.  If you need ONE single closed contour for each level, first you will need to close all the outer openings.  There again, it can be somewhat manual, for the rectangular openings you can just make simple rectangular planes (no need for them to be meshes, they can also be surfaces), surface from corner points is probably the easiest... As the mesh is not extremely accurate, you need to be very careful to snap to the real corner points.

For the odd shaped openings, it's a bit harder, you will probably need ExtractMeshEdges, use "break angle" and set it to maybe 80 min 100 max (to get 90 degree angles) and "join", that will give you a series of curves that represent the sharp edges of the model, from those you can make the rest of the planar surfaces to close the openings.  Once that's done, run the above procedure with Contour and CurveBoolean to get your slices...

HTH,  ----H

Thank you for such a detailed explanation. but i dont want the building to be hollow. i want the slices to cut as a full section of the building, showing interior wall and floor thicknesses (cut through the building longitudinal, from the front of the building to the back). :/

OK, then it's somewhat more work - first run the Contour command to slice the building using the appropriate axis (I don't know which is the "front" of the building, but I assume it's the left side of the building in your model, thus the reference direction for Contour would be along the positive X axis). 

Once the slices are done, set the CPlane in the Perspective viewport to World Right - which will be parallel with your slices - and run CurveBoolean with DeleteInput=All and CombineRegions=Yes, pickone slice group, click somewhere outside the whole area, then start clicking once in each opening you want to preserve.  It's pretty manual, but that will get the job done.  3mm slices will make a lot of contours to process, though.

Given the current state of the building model, there's no easy way to "solidify" it before slicing, so the easiest way will still be to fix the slices IMO.  There might be a way using MeshToNurb to get the mesh into Rhino planar surfaces, then try to fix the problems (there are a lot) and using MergeAllFaces try to end up with a series of closed volumes which you can then BooleanUnion into one solid object.  But it's going to be hard to do that without some knowledge of how this stuff works; MergeAllFaces is also prone to locking up Rhino...  The CurveBoolean solution, while time consuming, is simple and reliable.


okay im kind of new to rhino, but i will try your steps. just another question though, will it make a difference if i change the building from a mesh to a poly surface?

In this case, not really... 




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