I recently purchased a killer laptop from Keynux, custom-made to sustain heavy CAD programs. All programs (Solidworks for modeling or Bunkspeed Pro for rendering) are running very smoothly with high quality settings. I installed Rhino 5 trial version to see if I was going to be willing to swap from Rhino 4 but I am encountering some quite heavy lagging. Each time I try to move the (quite large) object in the perspective window everything goes jerky and it is very hard to work with such a slow quality. I can run the exact same file on my old windows powered macbook pro... Is there a special setting? I am quite frustrated considering the following specs of my laptop...

-CPU intel quadcore mobile i7-3740QMC - 2,70 - 3.70 GHz

- 32 Go RAM

- softaware is running on a mini-SSD 256 Go with lots of space

- graphic card is a PCI Ex16 nVida Quadro K3000 woth 2Go dedicated ram

- Windows Pro 8

Looking forward to read some advice,

all the best.


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Am I at the wrong place for such a question???

Could someone please answer me ? :)


did you check for bad objects?

I have found that quadro are sometimes slower that GT or GTX or eaven GM but again it all depends on the other stuff...

Check your document properties in opengl and make sure your card is selected..

Well Jennifer thank you for your reply. It did help me a lot. It turns out my Opengl was not activated...
Hehehe Ok I feel a bit stupid ;)


Hello- at what point was OpenGL not activated- do you mean in Options > View > OpenGL > "Use accelerated hardware modes", or was it something you had to change in the nVidia controls?




Hi Pascal,

Yes exactly in the option pannel "use acclerated hardware modes" was unchecked...

I am just starting with this new laptop so I might have a bit of tweaking to do on the nVidia interface as well to finetune later on ... but since I checked the option on Rhino everything is fine.

I'm getting some Rhino crashes, and even complete system lockups recently. I'm using a Quadro 2000 in a BOXX workstation. Anyone else having similar issues?





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