Rhino 5 SR3 64 bit, Windows 7

Occasionally, seemingly at random, Rhino locks up. It appears to be in the middle of a command, so the viewport is functional, but I can't run any other commands, including open, save, and exit. Most commands just do nothing, however if I try to open a file I get a dialog box with the message: "Can't open file, unable to cancel current command." Any suggestions?



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Hi Trygve- Are you using any non-default plug-ins? Which ones?




Rhino will briefly "lock-up" on me will it does an automatic save which can take a while for a large project.


Yes, of course it locks up during saves, but that's to be expected, I think. What I'm experiencing doesn't seem to be intended behavior.


Oh boy. Is it a plug-in thing? I have several going. DIVA, Grasshopper, Maxwell, Section Tools, T-Splines, Weaverbird. I can try disabling them in turn, but it's so seemingly unpredictable it will be hard to know when it's been fixed. My best guess would be grasshopper, but I use that almost all the time, so that guess might be meaningless. 



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