If i try to add a license in zoo i get always "Unkown Failure (900)" after i entered the validation code. The os-system is windows server 2003. Are there any known issues regarding this problem?

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Hi Wolfgang,

It sounds like a problem we had with an earlier Zoo release. When did you download the Zoo? That is the version number listed the about box of ZooAdmin?


 -- Dale

Hi Dale,

first i had the version 5.1.20927.2215 which worked fine on Windows 7 but not on our windows 2003 server.
Now i use 5.1.21204.2110 on windows 2003 and i get still the same message. But if i enter the license code a second time, it does not try to activate the license again but just accept it and adds it to the zoo.
Also the first license, which i tried on Windows 7 with the old Zoo, i had to aquire the activation code via webinterface again (i got another activation code) because with the old activation code it did not work at all in the new Zoo. (i have to activate via webinterface, because this server does not have a internet connection)





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