Updated peterstools:


Some of what's new:

    BOM: Added columns for Layer, Volume Centroid, and Area Centroid. Now it can create a CSV file (and no longer attempts to create an excel worksheet directly)

    DotWithData: Added options for Layer, Weight, Volume Centroid, and Area Centroid

    TimerTools: Improved formatting and error-checking.

    DetailsTools: Fixed MakeObjectsSameScale so that smaller numbers make the part appear smaller on the page. (WARNING: this is not new to this version, but I notice that if I have the Model Units & Layout Units set to different units then, for instance, entering “1” as the scale will not make the image 1:1 in the layout detail.) Also, ApplyMacroToAllDetails -This tool now saves a list of previously created macros so that you can use them over & over. It is useful for things like '-hidelayersindetail l layertohide'. I'll try to post some examples.

    JoinTwoOpenCurves: Works more often.

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