I've just got package with Rhino V5 commecial license. YAY! I've been wondering - is there a way to simply add this commercial license to the 90-day version I already have on the system? I'd prefer to avoid reinstalling Rhino - especially considering that installer by default really wants to force me to install polish version instead of english one (which I prefer) :D .

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(probably we both speak Polish, but let the thread be understandable to others)

I have also worked with v5 Beta, next the 90-day trial and now I have my new commercial pack.

Do not be afraid to install the commercial license over beta/trial. The installer takes your settings (for me: aliases and Pythos scripts), uninstalls beta/trial, asks for language you want to use (v4 indeed installed in Polish)

After install, I have started Rhino and it worked exactly as my 90-day version.

The only weird thing is that Rhino installs both 32 and 64 bit, I do not know why.

I have uninstalled 32 bit through Control Panel, had to enter my license once more and now Rhino 5 64 bit is working.

Good luck!

Jacek, Gdańsk, Poland

We install both 32 and 64 bit Rhino on 64-bit systems because each one does something important the other can't do:

  • 32-bit V5 can load and run plug-ins for V4
  • 64-bit V5 is not limited to the 4 GB limit

John Brock

Does it remove old V4 while buying upgrade only?

No, V4 remains.

Can I remove V4 after upgrading to V5?

Yes, I have done so.

At first launch of V5 after V4 removal Rhino asks to input licence key, that is all.

Hi Jacek! Thx for the answer - I'll propably do the upgrade from evaluation to commercial this weekend. As long as the new Rhino install will stay in English I could cope with the rest ;) .

Has anyone tried installing using Group Policies/MSIs? We used to use this for our beta deployments over the past 5 years, but there's no MSI no the CD.

Anyone know an easy way forward?

Yes, We do support MSI scripted installs. The Wiki page with the details is down for translation now but we expect to have it back up by Monday afternoon.

The link will probably still be: http://www.rhino3d.com/script.htm
That said, there is a setup.ini file in the \Installers\ folder on the DVD with the settings. If you are familiar with doing scripted installs with a setup.ini file, then you should have all you need. If you aren't, you'll need to wait for the additional details in the Wiki page.

John Brock
Tech Support

Hi All,

I have the same situation as Przemek described in the original post: I have the 90-day trial installed and I have just bought the V5 commercial license.
The only problem is that the DVD drive on my laptop is broken and I can't run the installation.

My questions to you:
1. Can I somehow activate the license on the 90-day trial (using the License Key from the box)?
2. If not - will copying the contents of the installation drive work (open on a different computer, copy all disc contents to a pendrive) or does the installation need to be run from the DVD?

I do realize that the most simple, obvious and logical way out would be to just get my DVD drive fixed ;-)

The reason I hesitate is that for the last 3 years or more I haven't even had the need to use it and after this Rhino install I'll probably never will.

Hi ,

You cannot "activate" the Eval versions.

In the DVD box should have been a little slip of paper with a link to download the installer if you do not have a DVD drive.

Copying the contents of the DVD drive to a USB stick will also work, you just need to launch the install by double clicking on the setup.exe in the root directory.


2nded :) . Jacek, in the box with Rhino5 you should have a card with a link to downloadable installer :) . Hope that works for you :) .



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