I have used the DIVA for Rhino plug in with Rhino 4 successfully but I have had several problems when using DIVA with Rhino 5.  The main concern being this Runtime Error when attempting to create nodes on an analysis grid:

Source : Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error :Type mismatch : 'Unbound'

Line : 297

Char : 1

Code :

I have a discussion going on DIVA4Rhino's website and I was told that this error is due to the latest Rhino Update in January.  Will there be another update coming soon that will clear up this issue?



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Hi Taryn - I know there was an error in the Pullback function, used by Diva, in SR1 and this is fixed for SR2. Assuming that is the source of the error you are seeing, SR2 should sort it out.  I can't say when that when SR2 will be released but the initial release candidates should be available in the next couple of weeks (my guess) so if you want to try the release candidate as soon as it is available, set Options > Updates and Statisitics to update to 'release candidates'.





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