The wiki page seems to be down and I just can't find any other location for installation and support information on zoo v5. 


Can/should I install the zoo application on a windows 2k8R2 server or a 2012 server?  We are a small shop and haven't used zoo in the past, but I'm looking at using it as we upgrade to rhino5.  Its going to be installed on a VM, but I assume that doesn't really matter.

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Hi Andrew,

Either operating system should work fine. Just make sure the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is installed on your server before installing the Zoo.

 -- Dale

Dale,  I saw that... but by the time I installed to OS I totally spaced.


I installed 2012 and then updated the OS and installed the Zoo.  I know 4.5 is installed, but not 4. 


The Zoo program seems to be installed and running correctly and I was able to add my first license. 


Do I need to roll back this install and add 4 or is the included 4.5 install on 2012 enough?


I'm working on installing rhino 5 on my computer now to test top see if everything is working now.


Thanks for the help.

Edit:  I just installed rhino5 and everything seemed to work just fine even though net4 wasn't installed.

Hi Andrew,

My guess that Server 2012 includes the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, expecially since the installation and operation seems ok.

I think yhou are good to go...

 -- Dale



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