several commands have become non functioning for some reason.  I get the "command unknown" message.  Some examples are not recognizing boolean operations like boolean two objects as well as move hole, delete hole, copy hole, etc.

This is very troubling for I have a big deadline and need to execute these commands in order to finish.  I restarted program and also restarted computer.  Nothing.  What has caused this?  Any help?  Thanks.


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Hi Chris- my guess is that SolidTools, one of the default plug-ins that handles some of the solids operations, has stopped loading for some reason. 

See if you can locate the plug-in file

"C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5.0 (64-bit)\Plug-ins\SolidTools.rhp"

and drag and drop it onto Rhino- any luck?


Hi Pascal.  I don't have a SolidTools folder in my Plug-ins.  I have:


Import Solidworks




SAT Import for Rhino


Also, I am using Rhino 4 SR9, March 9, 2011



Hi Chris- look for the SolidTools.rhp file, not a folder, inside the plug-ins folder. 


You're a genius.  That worked.  Thank you sooo much Pascal!


hmm hmm... if I we were geniuses, this kind of thing would not happen!




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