Hi All,

In the past, when I would invoke the "ViewCaptureToFile" command, I would get the browse command on the command line and select the destination of the file.  Then, I would name the file and then, on the command line, it would give me the options for screen resolution.. i.e. 1 to 1, 2 to 1 etc.

Now, when I type in the command line, "ViewCaptureToFile" command, I just get the dialogue box where I want the file to be saved and it saves it...  no choice for resolution etc.

Why has the Rhino team changed this command?  If there is a work around, I'd like to hear what it is.  Thanks.

Jim Girard

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Type -ViewCaptureToFile (with the dash...)  Dashes in front of commands bypass the dialog boxes.  As far as I know that has not changed in a long time.




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