Vray causing Rhino to crash, can't open Rhino project

Just my luck, in the middle of finals, Rhino decides to act up. I have my final due tonight and for some reason whenever I try to open up my project (in Rhino), rhino crashes because of some bug.

I submitted the bug to Rhino and got a automated email saying it was because of Vray. 

Another problem I faced when I was using the program was that when I tried to render, Vray wouldn't show my updated material change or other objects that I imported in. 

What can I do to fix this so I can finish my final? Also, how can I render this so that it still looks like professional quality (but also includes all my changes)?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Myrissa.

Have you looked at the V-Ray for Rhino forum on the Chaos site




Rhino 4? Rhino 5? Which V-Ray?  Did you install any updates to either one (or something else) before this started happening?  ----H



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