WalkAbout movement direction not changed by orbiting

Rhino 5, 64 bit.

When I'm in WalkAbout mode, if I orbit (look around) with RMB, and then use the scroll wheel to move in that new direction, the view snaps back to the direction from before the RMB orbit. If, before I use the scroll wheel, I pan around using Shift-RMB, and then scroll, the camera does not snap back but moves in the new direction.

This seems like a bug.



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Hi Trygve - I guess the difference is that in the second case (panning only, no rotation), the camera direction is not changed before and after the mouse manipulation. I guess Walkabout is storing the direction vector and the camera location. I don't know if this is by design- maintaining the walkabout direction, or is just a current limitation. I'll ask...






Thanks for your reply! I think my explanation was a bit unclear. I'll try again. 

1. Turn on WalkAbout

2. orbit to new orientation (RMB)

Case A:

3. walk forward (mouse wheel)

Case B:

3. pan/strafe sideways (shift + RMB)

4. walk forward (mouse wheel)

In case A, before walking forward the camera snaps back to the orientation it was in before step 1. In case B, the camera simply moves forward, keeping it's current orientation. I think case B makes a lot more sense.

Hope that's a little clearer.

Hi Trygve- no, it was clear enough, I think I get what is bugging you ... my proposed explanation was perhaps not clearly stated however. Case A changes the camera orientation, Case B does not, it only moves the camera and target, so the camera direction vector is not different form the Walkabout direction vector when you go back and scroll.  In case A, the walkabout direction vector no longer corresponds to the current camera vector so the latter reverts to what Walkabout remembers when you scroll the mouse wheel. Combining both camera edits tends to confirm this: Orbit the camera, then Pan  the camera,  or the other way round, then scroll the mouse- the Walkabout removes the Orbit edit but the Pan edit stays, as you scroll the mouse. Does that make any sense?


It does, but it doesn't make sense as a "feature", does it? Thanks for your help!


I see that this thread is fairly old, but it seems that the problem still exists in SR1.  When you orbit in walkabout view it doesn't reset the target.  As soon as you pan, the target jumps to the new location.  If you turn the camera to visible in the other views you can see the target respond only when you pan.  This is different that v4, and it seems more difficult to use.




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