please help me wit this problem,

I create surface from network of curves,

and then I save it like .sat file and when it

are opened in 3rd party software

it looks dirty. (dirt.png) But what is mystery

it did not every time - I check surface

with all tools in analyze menu but I

found out nothing but just nice surface... (shadedview.jpg)

When I look at this surface I can find some shades on it (shades.jpg

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My guess is that on the software that shows "dirty" surface you have some pretty nasty display mesh settings. Each nurbs surface is being "meshed" to display it so if you have a nasty mesher setting the surface will look bad - even though it fact it is clean.
That's just my guess :) .

I understand your point, but sometime also rhino

shows some defects (dark blots on surface similar like

on surface in dort.png) on shades view - also when you have

most beautiful surface with minimum control points.

And when you change mesh settings it was better but defect stay...

The other software is simply doing a poor job of meshing it, and Rhino can have trouble too as you say.

hmmm... you can get some display mesh issues in Rhino too :) . As mentioned that's just my guess as I can't see the original geometry.

Thank you for comment...

this is the wire frame with points on

I hope that it is what you want to see (original geometry).

You can see also some points out of surface

(right up) - it is catted surface - maybe this is the problem...


yeah, it really looks like a mesh issue, not the surface issue. If you can (and want to) please send me the 3dm file so I'll play with it and will try different meshing options - hopefully I'll be able to reproduce the issue and show you howto avoid it. You can shoot a message to przemek (at) maxmini.eu .



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