We have purchased seven of these 30 packs of Rhino, the seven packs of 30 included 4 packs  with upgrades to version 5 and 3 pack included version 5.

I can input four of the serial numbers, when I input number fifth serial number – I can activated software, and  Zoo server will error out stating it to cannot communicate with service.  Does not matter – what order in how I input the serial numbers – when I reach total of 120 individual licenses, and I want to add another 30 – it will activated and  Zoo server will error out stating it to cannot communicate with service.

I had installed version zoo50_20120927_2215.msi, and  zoo50_20121128_1310.msi, and  zoo50_20121217_0240.msi.  All of  these version do the same thing.

When I reach total of 120 total individual licenses in zoo, and I add another 30, and Zoo server errors out that it cannot communicate with service. No others errors is recorded in the event viewer.

Zoo 5 server is installed Windows 2008 R2 - no IIS installed meaning nothing is on port 80, .Net 4 is installed.

Only other servies is Flex license services for Autodesk.

We had Zoo 4 installed on anther server, it was disabled and removed. We need to roll out Rhino 5 to 500 student workstations with Windows 7 x64 in early January 2013.


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Hi Kurt,

We've tested Zoo 5.0 with 100+ licenses. But I don't think anyone here has ever tried as many as you mention.

In theory, Zoo 5.0 should be able to handle that many licenses. Let me do some testing here and see what I can come up with.


 -- Dale

Hi Kurt,

We've posted a fix to the problem you reported:


Let me know if this works for you.


 -- Dale



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