Hi I'm having trouble getting correct output with the make2d command.

I only get partial outlines of my object but without any error messages, is this normal v5 behaviour?

Btw. what happened to the newsgroup?

Kind regards


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I'm having trouble getting correct output with the make2d command

Maybe this page will have some helpful suggestions...

Btw. what happened to the newsgroup?

It still exists.  The links have simply been removed as McNeel think it's not viable anymore due to it's nntp technology.  You have several choices:

1) Install a real newsreader client such as Thunderbird and read the newsgroup with full functionality (for as long as it continues to exist).  Use this link to install the newsgroup once you have your newsreader client installed.

2) Use this link to the oldstyle web-based newsgroup interface

3) Use this link to read the newsgroup in "newsgroup style" via the web without having to install a newsreader client, albeit with limited functionality, you can't see or post attachments.


Hi Helvetosaur,

Thanks for the update on the newsgroup, funny that the links have been removed when it is still up. I for one totally prefer newsgroups.

The only reason I signed up for the V5 forum was because I thought the ng was extinct.



Hi Lauge- the Make2d command got some important tune ups for SR1 of v5- SR1 is due out very soon I believe- it was a little delayed because of the holidays. If you would like me to try your file in the current in-house 'Service release 1' build, please send it to me and I'll see what we can come up with.



Hi Pascal,

Some things haven't changed I see :) you are still around.

I'll send it to you straight away, thanks.




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