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Do you see any oddities in those same places other mesh based display like Shaded or Ghosted?

If so, what happens if you change your mesh setting a bit? Does changing mesh settings alter the display of these strange anomalies?

Don't see it in any other display.  Most of my model is boolean solids.

I've had consistent trouble with the Pen display when using blocks, especially blocks imported from sketchup - when "intersections" are enabled, they tend to leave all kinds of strange artifacts that are impossible to get rid of. Any chance you're experiencing the same thing?

Maybe that's it.  I do have a few blocks from sketchup in there.  They are not right there in the model, but maybe they're causing it.  Those parts right there are not mesh, but are boolean solids - or closed polysurfaces.  I'll try getting rid of the mesh blocks or disable "intersections".  I'll check back.

Thanks for the input guys.


yeah the anomalies can appear someplace entirely apart from the blocks themselves.

Have you been to eliminate it by disabling intersections, or by importing as "trimmed planes" instead of mesh?  Hey, wow, I just unchecked "intersections" and they dis-appeared.  I think this will be fine in 2d detail views using sectionTools views, no need for intersections in 2d views anyways right?  Thanks Andrew . . . Cheers!

that might be worth a try - but perhaps exploding the components + groups in your sketchup model first before importing would be most effective. 

It looks like Blocks don't play well in the "Pen" view in a detail.  I had a bunch of other stuff not showing up & if I explode the blocks, then they show up.   HMMM.

Hi Mike- they do not- we have at least one bugt on our pile, but if you can provide a file that shows the problem you are seeing, that would be a great first step in getting it fixed.





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