Hi Jeff,

Show- and HideRenderMesh proofs to be usefull already.
I'd wish however to have one command that toggles the state.
It allows for a quick inspection of the rendermesh, and repeat the command to hide again.


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I see ShowRenderMesh is does not force meshing as ExtractRenderMesh does- I'm not sure if that is expected, but for what it's worth...



yep, that was the whole point of this request: have a way to see what the rendermesh looks like and be able to edit it and see update accordingly. No extraction/visibility-swap/deletion needed.


I personally use it more as a global toggle:






here's the awesocon (TM) for it:

Actually, the original request was to get the same functionality as the plugin into V5...


That's what I did.


I can certainly add another command ToggleRenderMesh...but I'm not about to force it to create the render meshes if none exist... Why would you want that?  That means you're working in a wireframe view and want to see the render mesh...seems contrary to me.


Hi Jeff,

A togglerendermesh would be nice.
I do think that when I run the command, it should mesh the object if there is not yet a rendermesh present. It's confusing to run the command and see nothing happen, where at other occasions I did get the rendermesh to show. Why would you not show the mesh? Running this command is as explicit a user can be to have the rendermesh present.


Then that tells me you're wanting to view "render" meshes while in a wireframe view... And I guess I have a hard time understanding that.  Render meshes aren't used in wireframe views, they're not created in wireframe views, and for the most part, they're very difficult to even see in wireframe views.


So, what is it you're doing that you need to see render meshes while working in wireframe modes?





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