WISHES: Panels placement, named positions for control points and more.

1. The right part of the command line and upper tab bar is almost never used. I'd like the option of extending the height of the panels so that they use this empty space. See the photoshopped image below.

2. The named positions is a great new feature. It would be great to be able to use it for control points also.

3. Ctrl+shift clicking makes it possible to select an object inside a group or a block. But when selecting inside a block, the selected object cannot even be copied. Of course it can not be changed (moved, scale and so forth, as it belongs to a block), but it would be great if it could be used in commands where it is only acting as a passive object, when copies are made etc. Another problem is that no error message appears when trying to do this - nothing tells me that the object wasn't copied to the clipboard etc.

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Hi Simon- yeah... we may be able to do something like this in V6. For now, it may be useful to dock Osnaps or Filters or both,  next to the command line, in effect above the right side docking panels. 





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