We are using Worksession features to manage large assembly files (about 800mb). When the files are located in our network, the "manage" window takes forever to come up and, once it is up, is very slow to response each time we want to change active file.


I tried to put all the files localy on my PC and the response is very fast. The problem is that it is not on the network anymore.


Is there something we can do to improve that situation?


Thanks in advance.


Francois Couillard

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Hi Francois- I'll see what I can find out about this. 




Hi Pascal,

I am also finding this to be a significant hindrance to working with a large model with multiple users on a network. Opening the worksession manager takes a very long time even after its been run once already.

Hi All- this is much more complex to fix than it might seem, I gather- I'm afraid that at this point it seems unlikely to be fixed in V5.





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