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Hi all

Here's a little collection of tools you might want to have a play with.  You will need Rhino 5 SR2 or later.

Included commands:


Opens a dockable window that is basically the Material Editor (ME) without the UI - you can use it to assign materials, edit them (in the ME - just double click them) - everything you can do with the ME without the parameters getting in the way.  This was a big user request at the time of Rhino 5 release.  Let us know if it helps.


Should be pretty self explanatory.  The material selection happens in the ME though, not the browser (above).


Starts another instance of Rhino in the background and renders your model in there - leaving you to continue working.  When its done, it opens the finished rendering in the first instance of Rhino (and closes the other instance).

- Andy

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It's no use, I can't download anything from a domain so this file is not accessible.
Why don't you use the wiki you spent so much energy on?

What wiki are you referring to? Or were you not serious?
It looks like it could be a little bit more publicized!


OK, but as you stated "you spent so much enery on"
I thought it was directed to me personally.
I recon you meant to adress RMA not me.

BTW can you download from we tranfer?

No, I can't.
But I see no reason that McNeel employees don't use McNeel website to post stuff.
If it was well organized we wouldn't ask for the same utilities every few months or search one of the three or four websites where we might have heard about this utility and try to find who posted it and what was the exact name of the utility.
Sorry, yes "we transfer" works, I got the file.

I really like the offlinerender command.


Is there a way to tweek it so that it saves the file as a jpeg rather than a png?


Thanks for posting this!





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