Can someone please enlighten me on how to construct a Y-Fillet.

I can't seem to get good curvature between all the patches. 

When I do, the surfaces are wavy and have depressions and dimples. 

Kind Regards!


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He Derek- I'd go after this as in the attached file- the main problem that I see is the surface that I've made blue in the file and which replaces one that is hidden and red. The old, red, one is more complex than it needs to be and varies in curvature,(look at the CurvatureGraph in the across direction), making it harder to match cleanly. You can curve it more than I have- it is pretty much flat across here, but just slightly, and more importantly smoothly. 

All that said, what we are dealing with here are transitions of a fraction of a millimeter in width, so there is little chance, I would guess, that any of this will make a great deal, or any, of difference in the final polished piece, but it is worth paying attention in case you ever need to make a car =).




Hi Pascal,

After a few days trying to solve the problem here is the results: pls see attached file.

I still have a slight edge problem on the bottom of the y fillets and can't get them to be G2 on all edges. 

I plan to render these models out so the reflections are important...also I want to improve surfacing skills!

Thanks for your help!


Hi Derek- see the attached- I did some MatchSrf for Tangency only in the direction indicated by the arrows. 'Match by closest point', and 'Preserve isocurve direction'. Note, the matched surfaces that are trimmed need to be Shrunk (ShrinkTrimmedSrf) and Untrimmed, MatchSrf-ed then retrimmed. Do one side and mirror, of course. Are we good enough?

Sorry, I forgot to mark one match with my arrows in the file- the surfaces that have two arrows on them also gets matched in to the pointy surface in the middle.




good lesson in this thread.. thanks!

(just pointing out that even though it seems you're helping one person, there are some lurkers that are picking up tips as well ;) )



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