We have a small office with only a few computers running Rhino, but in a world of cloud computing we have no server in the office - just a NAS. I am curious if there are any ideas around installing the Zoo on a NAS (Qnap or Synology in particular)? I know Qnap only, but there at least it is possible to install 3rd party apps.

So far we have to power up a computer for Zoo only (yes, sometimes somebody is working on this PC as well - but not allways).

Just a (green) thought.


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Zoo needs to be running on a computer as a Service. The NAS on it's own does not have an adequate operating system to run a Microsoft Service. I suppose the NAS could be used for the file storage but there's no need since the Zoo itself and the license files are so tiny. It might also not respond fast enough for the timers in the Zoo. Just run the Zoo on a Workstation that will be running anytime you want to run Rhino, even one of the Rhino workstations.

Hi John, yes - I totally understand that the current Zoo as-it-is will not run on a NAS. Maybe it's more something for a wish list.

There are however some quite powerfull NAS around (one of which we use) that need to support working right on the NAS drives with several clients. I assume these types of NAS would have enough processing capacity to run a service like Zoo.

Some food for thoughts may be http://www.qnap.com/en/index.php?lang=en&sn=859 (I am not working for Qnap - I just happen to be an owner of one of their products, I am sure other NAS makers have similar functionalities).

It's doubtful that any of the NAS operating systems support .NET, which is required by Zoo 5.

 -- Dale



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