Hi all.  The new bongo is quite an improvement over the version 1, however it is not without its problems.

  I've been animating an engine in Flamingo nXT and have manipulated the transparency of parts, however Bongo 2 (latest release 20131211) does not seem to have the capability to change the Flamingo nXT parameters.  Rhino Renderer works fine with the Bongo transparency control, but nothing seems to change in Flamingo nXT.  Does anybody have any ideas?

Regards, Ray

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  OK, I tried Bongo 1 with Flamingo 1 and it exhibits the same characteristics ... Bongo can not control transparency unless it is basic material, not plug-in.  Perhaps they did that so all entities with the same material won't change simultaneously.  Still each entity can have its own material, so I do not know why Bongo can't adjust material parameters in Flamingo.  Perhaps I will get a response from the team.

Regards, Ray

Bongo 2 can animate the material properties in Rhino 5, so if the renderer supports this feature (the RDK in Rhino 5), Bongo will be able to animate the material properties. Unfortunately at the moment Flamingo doesn't support it.

Thank you Marika for your reply.  Sadly, Flamingo does have transparency and should be able to be manipulated by Bongo.  I can use non-plugin materials that Bongo can control but I cannot get Flamingo to render them correctly.

Perhaps the development team will add this in their next release of Flamingo.  It has been many years now so I won't hold my breath waiting. (smile)



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