Judging from the images/screenshots on your website I assume that Clayoo is a polygon modeller with subdivision surfaces integrated into Rhino. That is, similar to T-Splines and not similar to sculpting packages such as Mudbox and Z-Brush. Would this assumption be correct, and if so, how does your product differ from T-Splines? By the way I am always looking for better polymodelling tools which integrate with Rhino, hence my question.



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Hello Anders,

Thanks for your interest of Clayoo. Yes, right now is a really intuitive SubD modeler for Rhino. But this is just the begin.

As a second step we are planning to add sculpting functionalities as Mudbox and ZBrush, but the main goal is try to do it as more intuitive as is possible. ZBrush is a great software, but not easy to use it.

Now we have some sculpting functionality in Clayoo kernel, but probably it doesn't will included in 1.0.

Thanks and best regards,

Rafael del Molino

TDM Solutions SL

Thanks Rafael, sounds promising!

I'm glad to see the recent push for polygon/sub-d modelling in Rhino. It is really the only thing I miss from animation packages such as Maya and 3ds Max.

Just one last question. Is your system using Rhino's own mesh classes, via RhinoCommon or otherwise? The reason I ask is that, for instance, Maya's poly modelling tools allow N-Gons which, although in general is undesirable, can be useful for projects where you are using a mesh as the underlying "structure" for something like an architectural cladding system. See for instance this project I did a while back: https://vimeo.com/30430855





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