Hi All

I'm currently developing a Plug-In for Rhino4 which uses the RhinoCommon.dll I took from the latest Grasshopper. So far it's working quite nicely but it seems I can't use 'Rhino.Geometry.Unroller'

VS2010 gives me an error saying 'is not defined'

Do I need a newer version of RhinoCommon.dll (and where can I find it?) ?

thanks for your help


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OK, nevermind, 

I tried the .dll from my last R5 and with that I could use Rhino.Geometry.Unroller, but it did't work once I ran it in Rhino4.

I guess its Rhino4 which doesn't support this. 

Maybe someone can point me to an easy "surface unroll example" for the old VB.Net SDK. 


I really enjoy working with RhinoCommon compared to the old SDK. Its great that most of the stuff works also in PlugIns for Rhino4. (if not even all?)

Could it be possible to indicate in the documentation which parts are save to use with Rhino4?


Hi Steffen,

You're going to have to script the rhino command in v4 if you have to unroll there (probably adding and deleting temporary objects).  It's not available in Rhino common for grasshopper/v4 as it's not exposed to the SDK as you've noticed.  I wouldn't say there are that many others I've noticed in this boat.





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