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I am drawing a Zeppelin and have built up the sides of the hull by drawing the hull curve doing a polar array of the curve and then creating surfaces between the curves. The issue I am having is that the surfaces appear not to join at the ends, leaving splits, or 'creasing' as if there is too much material.

Please see the attached image. The top and bottom arrows point to splits though they they are quite hard to see and the centre arrow points to a shadow caused by a crease that results from too much material.

The same also happens at the other end of the hull where the surfaces also come together.

I have tried to build the hull several times and get the same issue with various levels of intensity. 

I also get the same issue when drawing a 'blimp', which does not have faceted sides, see second picture. So that I can show the gores that the envelope is made from, I use cutting planes which results in the same issue.

Suggestions anyone. Many thanks for any help!


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This may have something to do with your render mesh.  I've included some renderings and a 3Dm file of a similar shape that was made by polar arraying for 32 facets.  The fore end of the object has the second control point in the same Y plane as the end point to assure a spherical shape there.  The aft end is simply sharp.  Not the best zeppelin shape I'm sure, but gets the point across.  Note there are no creases nor splits at the ends.  I set my render mesh so that the distance from curve to surface is .01 and the angle is 1.  This makes a fairly refined mesh.  Cheers, Rob


Thank you sir, I will skip work early so I can play with this!




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