Is it possible to convert a stl-model to a Rhino-model (NURBS)?

The actual problem, that makes me ask right now, is that I received an stl-file for 3D-printning. I want, to insert some supports (that the slice-program can't). I think that I need to convert it to NURBS, so that I can snap to it and so on, and make full use of Rhino's tools.

I very mush appreciate any hints.

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You can design the support using nurbs surfaces, make sure the supports are closed surfaces.

Convert nurbs to meshes than boolean union the meshes (use mesh tools toolbar).

In the biblical sense you can convert a mesh to nurbs but that is beyond the scope of this topic.


Thank you for your reply.

then boolean union the meshes

Ok. But then my support becomes part of the model. I need top keep them as separate objects because the supports shall be printed using soluble material. Is there a solution to that?




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