Does anyone know if there is a way to create a surface from a mesh?  I know you can go the other way & create a mesh from a NURBS surface, but cannot find a way to go back.  Anyone know either Grasshopper or Rh5?


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It has a tendency to freeze your computer if you are trying to convert a large mesh into NURBs. Also, the result may be a polysurface instead of one single surface. There are other ways to convert back to NRUBs (including a single surface) but it depends on your geometry and level of accuracy you desire.

Hope that helps!


Hi Mike, I had the same challenge recently, the program you looking for is Geomagics it is a tool dealing with 3D scan data. It is very good at converting organic meshes to surface patches.

If you using scan data remember to reduce your point cloud prior to surface conversion.

Alternatively you can convert the mesh to Tsplines and output to mesh.(if your geometry is not complex)Hope this help


tsplines should be using quads base mash, but rhino is using triangle base mash!


Mike as other said, depends on the desired precision. You could also use the patch command on the mesh wireframe to produce a NURBS patch. Also depends how "dirty" your mesh is and how close you have to stay to it. An alternative would be to combine EvoluteTools and TSPlines. Use ET to stick a nice regular quad mesh to your triangle mesh and then simply turn that ET mesh into the smooth form with TSplines.

Thanks for all the responses, I'll give it a try with a small piece.  The overall is really big, started out with creating a Heightfield from Image & it was 1400x1200 points - with lots of detail, so I'll see how it goes.

  Thanks again.

Here's an image of the mesh:

Hi Mike, it depends on the type of shapes you have. Mesh2Surface is a plugin for Rhinoceros which may help with shapes which are not organic. Take a look at

Mesh2Surface now have new release with even more tools for reverse engineering. Take a look at the features overview:



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