Hello, I have a letter C I want to Boolean onto this disc-charm, but for some reason it just won't Boolean.  Both parts are solid, and yet they won't split, they won't trim, nor any Booleaning.

Can anyone diagnose why this is?  All the other letters worked out just fine.  While probably not super critical, just really annoying.

Thanks for any help!

P.S. Is this the right forum for such questions?  If not, can you provide a link to the proper forum?

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Hi Nathan, I suggest you post this here: https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/rhino-for-windows
and ideally post the file too.



You need to clean your line work.

After you got your text lined up, lock the layer and retrace the lines to get clean geometry.

You will find the clean geometry will yield better surfaces which you will be able to fillet.

Thank you both very much!  I posted it on the discourse at McNeel.

I would like to clean things up, but for some rapid fire projects it's not cost effective to spend extra time doing it, and the results just aren't visible on an 18mm charm, which will be 3D printed, then RTV molded, and produced via wax injection and lost wax casting.  However for other projects I would certainly take the time to make it cleaner, for machining purposes and the like.



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