I have made a R.C. model of the Washington State Ferry, HIYU. All my drawings are in AutoCad and all are traceable to the original blue prints of the construction drawings. Is there a way to import those drawings into RHINO and would they in any way be helpful to do the following:

Make an .STL file to make a 3D print of the hull. 

I have an interested party in obtaining a display model of the HIYU and a 3D printed hull and other 3D printed details would greatly simplify and shorten the build time.


Fred Perez

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If you can import the file as a .dfx / then when importing select option to import lines as polylines, you can then use them in numerous ways such as LOFT and RUN2RAILS to construct the hull. Other lines can also be extruded to form flat solids and so forth, T-Spline plugin for Rhino would also help a great deal! Which you should be able to pick up from your Autodesk account.



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