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Click on the following link or the images below to download the reference manual in high quality (a 36MB PDF file):documentation.pdf     A low-resolution version (6 MB) is also available:&… View »

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Current version:     Mitsuba Renderer for Rhinoceros Installer Beta     Release date: 03/13/2014 Important: Mitsuba Renderer for Rhinoceros is still in Beta.  Bet… View »


Here some models View »

Source code

Mitsuba Rendered is an open-source project maintained and developed by Wenzel Jakob and integrated to Rhinoceros by TDM Solutions SL.  To download Mitsuba Rendered source co… View »


Here more than 30 materials ready to be use in Mitsuba. We are still creating more materials. Download all the materials... Aluminium Amorphous Carbon Chromium Copper (II) oxide Copper… View »


Thanks for your interest in Mitsuba Renderer.   Installers Materials Models Do Renderer is a source-code project. Are you interested to collaborate?   View »



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