When I try to neon-render a bunch of parallel wood panels, some parts of some panels disappear in the viewport. Sometimes they show up correct if the groudplane is hidden, sometimes not.

It renders perfect with brazil.

my neon version: Mar 18 2013  05:21:11


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Same problem with me.... 

Hi Moe, 

Thanks for the report. I'm not seeing any missing geometry using your file with Neon (3/21/13 build) and SR2 of Rhino 5 (3/28/13). I used the Ground Plane, Skylight and Sun with BZ as the active engine. Please try these builds for comparison if you can. 

Hi Brian,  I've been able to reproduce this without using the Series2 hardware.  Can you confirm that this only happens with CPU traversal?  Thomas

Hi Brian,

i updated to the versions of Rhino and Neon you are mentioning above. 

It still happens when I use: Brazil (Evaluation) with a simple surface, Brazil with Rhino's groundplane, Brazil with Brazil's Groundplane, Rhino Render with Brazil' Groundplane and Rhino Render with Rhino's Groundplane. 

The only time it renders (almost) perfect is the odd combination of Rhino Render and Brazil Groundplane.

Turning Skylight and/or Sun on/off doesn't change anything as well as switching from Brazil to standard materials.

My hardware specs:

Hi Moe, This looks like an OpenRL bug.


Is their a way to solve this problem? I also noticed that the sun no longer updates in the neon viewport. 

You'll have to wait for the next release of OpenRL for a fix. There might be a public beta version soon if you would be willing to try that.

The update issue should probably be a new topic.

fixed it by downloading openRL from their website. Thanks ! Will post new problem as a new topic. 



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