Hi all!

Neon 1.0 SR1 is now available!


This first service release fixes a number of bugs in the initial release, and also adds some features - including vertex color support, cast/receive shadows along with Brazil per-ray visibility settings.

The complete list of changes from SR0 is below:


  • Installer shows Getting Started video at the end.
  • Support for vertex colors in Rhino Render and Vertex color texture in Brazil.
  • Support for object cast/receive shadows.
  • Support for Brazil per-ray visibility flags.
  • Performance improvement with Brazil GI skylight.
  • Performance improvement when changing azimuth or offset of an environment with skylight on.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Fixed shader crash in dots texture.
  • Fixed crash when showing named view panel with Egret rendered views.
  • Fixed Fresnel blend not working in BAM reflectivity slot.
  • Fixed a crash when a texture is changed on a material.
  • Restore defaults in display mode options dialog page did not work correctly.
  • Brazil GI skylight transparent shadows did not work correctly.

There will be more service releases for Neon 1.0 over the next few months, so we're still fixing bugs cleaning stuff up as we move forward.


 - Andy


Andrew le Bihan

Robert McNeel and Associates



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Hi Andrew.

I am getting the error as attached with this build of Neon.

All Rhino services releases etc. are up to date.

Never had a problem in the past with any Neon updates.

Win 7 64 bit.



Neon - Neon_10_x64_20130522.msi


Could I get hold of the 3dm file that is causing this message to appear?

 - Andy

Hi Andrew,

Two examples attached. Just play / test pieces.

I just found one that worked okay.



Thanks - I've fixed it, and uploaded new builds of Neon.

 - Andy

Thank you Andrew.

Andrew, as much as I would like to use the Neon software where I work, I cannot accept your license agreement terms due to section 2.2 of those terms. My company would NEVER allow an external organization to "inspect and have access to any premises, and to the computer equipment located there". This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I can't help but wonder how many people just glanced at your agreement terms and never even noticed this. You really nead to leash your lawyers.


Most Sincerely,

Glen Montgomery

p.s. I've NEVER seen this demand in any other software license I've read!!!!

Hi Glen.

There is nothing there that is not included in any license agreement. Normally it is just covered in terms and conditions referred to under copyright laws and international treaties.

Such access and inspection would normally be (as I understand) by anti-piracy bodies and the like. Here in Australia, the Anti-Piracy "Police" have the same rights as some Federal Bodies (e.g. Taxation Department) where they can walk straight through the door if they have "just cause".

I am sure that all those that do read the licensing agreement, have no deep concerns.

I personally think it is most acceptable.




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