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Can anyone tell me why when Neon has completed the Render does the Neon Bar at the bottom of the screen go orange and the render revert to a weird half rendered image.

I am also trying to use Bongo and it is saving these images rather than the completed render.

If I lock the neon screen it does not seem to happen but this is not possible when animating.


Regards jahn

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Hi Neon is a real time render, not a production type, you can try the evaluation from Vray or Brazil else you stuck with the native rhino render

I am able to use it with bongo and brazil as the set current render engine and it seems to work - but only with a low number of passes- when I increase the passes say to 256 it turns the neon window off and reverts to the rendered viewport - then restarts. For some reason a Neon render progress window opens after each full pass then the frame is rerendered before the next move.


No idea what is going on here

Hi I hear you I had a similar experience with Vray, make sure Brazil is the current render

Im not sure how you can set passes as that only apply to Neon.

Can you upload the file  

Basically they are saying that neon works with Bongo2.0 beta but there is a serious lack of information on how best to do this. No chance on uploading the file sorry- not even the client has seen this yet.


Cheers jahn


In the latest Bongo 2.0 Beta, we've added the View capture delay for Viewport rendering option in the Bongo Render Animation dialog. This delay time between every frame gives Neon the time to run more passes for each frame.

If I am using Neon and it is set to 256 passes and this takes about 45seconds per frame what would I set the view capture delay to.

Well that explains alot

Would explain a lot if I could work out how this delay works- doesnt seem to cut in on the render or delay neon! more confused than before!

If you weren't working on a Level 5 clearance file I could have send it through Matrix for you

Try the following:

1) Set the number of passes in Neon to 1024.

2) Set the delay in Bongo to 45 seconds.

You should get about 256 passes for each frame, and setting the max passes in Neon to 1024 should mean it never reaches that limit.  Hopefully this will solve your problem.

Nope that does not work- the time delay does not seem to cut into the image time and neon does its full 1024 passes then I get a wierd Neon rendering progress screen which takes the same time - then it does another 1024 passes before moving to the next frame and starting the entire process again-estimated time of completion- sometime in the next millenium!



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