When I try to record an animation from Rhino using Neon as the display mode, each frame saved is basically the very first Neon pass, extremely rough grainy pixilation.  Is there a way to set a minimum number of render passes before the output moves on to the next frame?

Obviously this would multiply the production time several times over, but it would be a really sweet feature...


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I agree, a lot... word has it than you can do this with the bongo plugin. I have yet to try it.

Yup - that's correct.  Bongo 2.0 Beta to be specific, which is currently free to try.

 - Andy

thank you for the replies.  I'm currently trying out Bongo.  How is the Neon quality level set for Bongo when rendering the animation?  Is it the "view capture delay"?  it still outputs the frame in a very grainy state, and nothing I do seems to change that...

I tried this out, with the frame delay setting set to 2. It worked great.

Obviously it is still a bit grainy, for an actually presentation I would probably go with 5-10 seconds.

here is a link:


Pretty good - how long did it take you to render the whole thing?  Was this done in Bongo?

Very fast. This took about 90 seconds. And yes, done in Bongo. I will try out a few more set ups in the next few days and share them here.

Wow!  Then I guess adding a few more seconds per frame isn't going to add up all that much!

I'm having better luck now too, though everything I'm doing is the same as I was doing.  not sure what changed...



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