I'm running rh5 64-bit, Flamingo nXt version 3.1, and the latest Neon release.


Problem: Flamingo nXt is selected as the current renderer, yet Neon displays Rhino Render. I've searched previous discussions but haven't been able to solve this from solutions to related problems. Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you!

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Correction - Neon with Flamingo nXt is displaying a view identical to that of Neon with Rhino Render

Keith -

At this point  When you assign a Flamingo material to an object or layer, a simplifed version ot the render material will also be assigned to the object.  Neon will pick up on the simplified material. Soem materials may look quite similiar in Flaingo and Neon, while others will be very different.

Ultimately, you will probably not be able to assign materials in Flamingo hoping it will work in Neon.  I would reccomend assinging Rhino Render materials if you want to use Neon for Rendering.

We have been working on Flamingo to work better with Rhino 5's Render preview/Neon.  I do not have a guess on when we might make thsi available.

Does this help?

This does help, thanks! It explains why there have been instances when objects appeared to be correctly displayed. I'll focus on the Flamingo nXt - Rhino Render relationship instead. 



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