here is my problem:

on the screenshot, it is seen that I want to apply the hexagon pattern, which is not recognized as a grid, onto the helmet-like surface. I tried everything to my knowledge but without luck. Can you help me out on this one. It would be much appreciated.

Best regards,


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Hi Filip,

This could probably be quickly done w/out PT in Rhino using "FlowAlongSrf." You'd need to model a reference plan under the hex pattern and rebuild the helmet surface as an untrimmed surface (FlowAlongSrf works w/surface domains so it's best to avoid trimmed surfaces).



Hi Filip,

You main problem is that the helmet is not a single surface and therefore is might be hard to panel or FlowAlongSurface. 

There are grid commands in PanelingTools that help you grid a polysurface.  If you can share your model, then I can show you the steps.

Also, when working with a hexagon, you need to change the pattern to fit in a rectangle such as in the example below, before populating on the surface. You also can use managed pattern and create a more dense grid to start with to populate the hex pattern on top.

I hope this helps.


Here is the model. Thanks!


And I also need it the pattern you see on the helmet and not the helmet being in hexagons. I just don't know how to apply it, as it is, on the surface besides bending it. But it still will not be on the surface. Thanks



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