I'm trying to create a Golf Ball, but I can't obtain a grid with similar distances between u and V, to insert spheres and then use Boolean Difference. But I want to use the same sphere (and not diferent sizes and distances)


can somebody help me?



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Hello, I'm Daniele Nale, an Italian engineer member paneling tools. I saw your question on how to create a golf ball. I tried to create one and I must say it is not an easy problem to solve.
I did use the "squish" command to build a hemisphere in the plan. I worked on the esplanade hemisphere with circles of equal diameter and equal distance. ". The points of the centers of the circles I have projected on the hemisphere with the script" 3D squish back. "
Finally with the COMAND Orient on surface I created the small spheres with the center on the projected points ...... polar array and the Boolean difference.
see the result .... can still be improved.
thanks for the question posted.

Thanks for your help! only one question:


which parameters did you use with squish command? because I couldn't obtain the same planar surface


Thanks again


parameters with squish command:

see the image!

good lucky


This is a tough one to create with PanelingTools.  Certainly dividing the spherical surface by domain will not give good answer.


One way you might want to try is to find equal distance curves on the sphere and divide using ptGridUCurves by distance... sort of like the attached image. You might want to rotate the curves (or points) .  Hope this is helpful.



you could use Voronoi algorithim, do a search for it. There is a circle packing script in the rhino 101 primer, and manually you could snap cutters to the circles. The script could be modded to draw spheres instead of circles on planes. Its Very clever. I dont quite understand it yet..



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