Hi all,
Just released a new version of Panelingtools and PanelingTools for Grasshopper.
Please download and install from here:

Also please make sure you have the latest Rhino 5 beta.

Look forward to your feedback.

-Rajaa Issa
Robert McNeel & Associates

What's new in PT for Rhino.
- Update ptUnrollSurfaces command to work better with tags.
- Updated toolbar.

What's new in PT for GH:
- Update to GH 0.9*.
- Bake multiple grids without concatenate them.
- Changed output structure from ptMorph2D so that it is easier to separate morpged modules into groups.
- Added 4 new components:
  - ptFlatten - flatten 2D grid into a tree of unit grids or cells.
  - ptFlatten3D - flatten 2 input grids into a tree of unit grids or cells.
  - ptMorph2DMap - Map a list of 2D modules to 2D grid cells.
  - ptMorph3DMap - Map a list of 3D modules to 3D grid cells.
  - Update example to include new functionality.
  - Update tags and comments.
  - Fixed crash bug when managed paneling produce no meshes.

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Hi... is there an "about" where I can see the last version , if I have Panelingtools and PanelingTools for Grasshopper( ...icons in grasshopper window?) instaled correctly?

Hi Roberto,

In the Rhino PanelingTools drop-down menu, there is Help (last item).  It will tell you the version of PanelingTools you have.  The latest is the October 16.


Hi Rajaa

I work ever with Rh5 and in  the Rhino PanelingTools drop-down menu, there is


"Help paneling tools for v4"

If I click ..this web page open:



In rh4 I don't see Rhino PanelingTools drop-down menu ?!?


Hi Roberto,

This is what I see when clicking the help button.

Have you installed (double clicked) the latest PT?


Hi Rajaa,

yes I have installed this ... I repeat but a window confirm me that this is installed yet 


but... I don't see when clicking the help button the same of you(...)

go to plugin manager in rhino and select panelingtools from the list of plugins, then click "properties". This wills how you the path of the plugin that is loaded into your current rhino.
Looks like you are loading an older PT for V4.
Now when find the plugin, just go to that location and delete.
Reinstall the latest version of PT and see what happen.

-I delete in this location( it was in a very strange position indeed)

but now if I try to install the latest version a window appear:

"the package is already installed"

But I haven't now the sub menu of Paneling Tools and also in plugin manager  it doesn't appear

Open the following folder:

%appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\PanelingTools {6CAED836-BC06-4EBC-B1FD-E10886A0DC94}

Then delete the different versions of PanelingTools saved in this folder, then run the PT installer again.

Let me know if that works.

Ok Rajaa....this is the way!

...I see when clicking the help button the same of you...

I hope now finally work more time  with this interesting plugin



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