The following doesn't work for me:


import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs


guid = rs.GetObject("Get Surface", rs.filter.surface, True)

print pt.About()





Does anybody have the same problem??





I can see the output of the About() method but I get an error when I try to call other methods and I have to input the string which identifies the geometry (guid).

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PanelingTools is not properly exported to Python yet. There is a plan to do that in the coming few months. For now, you can only script with RhinoScript.

I see, thanks for the information

The following a sample that uses Rhino Python to import PanelingTools library. I hope it helps:

# sample script to show how to import PanelingTools and use with Python
import math
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

#Add these 3 lines to import PanelingTools library
import clr
import PanelingTools as pt

#divide input curve and assign result to output # Get the curve objects
object = rs.GetObject("Select curve", rs.filter.curve, True, True)
if rs.IsCurve(object):
  arrPoints = pt.Utility.DivideCurveByChordLength(rs.coercecurve(object), 1, True,)
  for pt in arrPoints:



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